This weekend I had the opportunity to speak to a group of Sioux County Farm Bureau members and to my church. Here are some highlights from the speeches:


Saturday morning I spoke about Coupling with Section 179, water quality and the EPA. For Coupling with Section 179, I let the members know I’m a supporter but that this year it’s looking like it won’t happen due to our manageable budget shortfall of $117 million. I will push next year to Couple with Sect. 179 (benefits farmers, manufacturers and small businesses especially).

On water quality, I let them know that we (House Republicans specifically) have this as a top priority. The Farm Bureau supports what the House passed last year (provides a funding stream of about $478 million dollars over 12 years using money from a water-metering tax as well as some RIIF money) to help fund water quality projects. We haven’t dug into the weeds on water quality yet, but I imagine this may come up again this year.

I also mentioned my bill for nullification of the EPA. The EPA is not an enumerated power by the Constitution. I won’t get into too much detail on this yet as I hope to have it filed this week.


I listened to one of the most convicting sermons and the most powerful pro-life sermon I have heard yet this morning from Pastor Ryan Perz. Unfortunately for my church, Pastor Ryan allowed me to speak on pro-life legislation, and I did this having been fired up from his sermon.

I mentioned the need for conservatives to speak up, echoed Pastor Ryan’s plea for a pro-life group to rise up in Northwest Iowa, and also noted that there are several pro-life bills that have been filed and are on their way to being filed in the House and Senate. I asked the church to pray specifically for our push on the Life at Conception bill (which I have already cosponsored) as I believe this may be our best chance to swing for the fences on the life issue.

Whatever happens, it’s shameful that we have allowed for the murder of 60 million babies in the United States. I will do whatever I possibly can in the Iowa House to fight back in any way possible, and I’m hopeful that the Iowa General Assembly will pass some strong pro-life legislation this session.