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Capitol Update Week 2

House District 4,
I’m reminded every week I am down here how honored I am to serve such a great district in Des Moines! Thank you again for letting me be your voice in the Iowa House.This week, I sponsored and cosponsored a number of bills. Below are some of the highlights :
–      Sponsored a bill that would exempt new registration fees for vehicles transferred to a nonprofit entity for the purpose of donation to an individual served by the nonprofit entity in a transaction involving no consideration.HF 57 (This is to help a ministry in our county!)
–      Cosponsored Rep. Heartsill’s Life at Conception bill (pro-life bill).
–      Cosponsored Rep. Salmon’s Constitutional Carry bill (pro-gun bill).BUDGET
We are continually working on our budget. We have a manageable budget shortfall of $117 million and we must keep our budget balanced. We are working to ensure that we put education first, don’t repeat Gov. Culver’s detrimental across-the-board cuts (which really hurt schools, public safety and human services) and see if we can find duplications within the different departments. I am hopeful we will have our budget proposal out next week.Pictured here are Troy Larson (Tea, South Dakota), Rep. Skyler Wheeler (Orange City), Scott Wynja (Sioux Center), Rep. Dan Huseman (Aurelia), Murray Hulstein (Sioux Center), Rep. John Wills (Spirit Lake), Aaron Kooiker (Hull), and Glenn Anderson (Sibley).LEWIS and CLARK WATERThis week I had the honor to meet with several members of our local city government to discuss finishing the Lewis and Clark Water project. In our Transportation/Infrastructure/Capitals Appropriations Subcommittee we have $3.5 million appropriated at this time for both this year and next year towards this project (Rep. Huseman and I will push to hold this number). This project affects Hull and Sioux Center and it’s time we start to put the money and resources behind it to finish this.SEVERAL BILLS FILED IN THE HOUSEA few that I’m looking at closer are:
–      House Joint Resolution (HJR 3) would create an amendment to the Iowa Constitution to give home rule for school districts. I’m a big believer in local control of education so this is something I’ll be looking at closely.
–      House File 20 (HF 20) would protect Iowa’s students from sexual exploitation by a school employee. This has happened too many times in Iowa and it’s an area that the state needs to take a serious look at.BILLS I’M WORKING ONI’m currently working on a religious liberty bill, an EPA nullification bill and several different education bills. I also haveHSB 17 assigned to me in an Education subcommittee meetingon Monday that I will be chairing.

And as always, feel free to reach out to me with any questions or concerns you may have!Thanks and God Bless!

Skyler Wheeler
House District 4
(712) 441-7444

“And they said, Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and thou shalt be saved…” Acts 16:31

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One of the neat things

One of the neat things from the first day of the session was the prayer given by Pastor Brian
Lund. Pastor Lund was a special guest of Speaker Upmeyer’s today and he prayed in Christ’s name to open the 2017 session in the House. Very good!!

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****FAMiLY Leader endorses Wheeler****

****FAMiLY Leader endorses Wheeler****


ORANGE CITY – Iowa’s most influential social conservative organization announced its endorsement of Skyler Wheeler in House District 4. The FAMiLY Leader is a group committed to defending Christian conservative values in Iowa and across the nation.


“I am extremely humbled and blessed to receive the support of The FAMiLY Leader,” Wheeler said. “There has been no question throughout this primary which candidate is the strongest Christian conservative. This endorsement reinforces what we’ve known all along.”


Wheeler has vowed to defend religious liberty, defund Planned Parenthood and continue the battle for biblical marriage in Iowa.


“Skyler is the real deal,” said Chuck Hurley, vice president and chief counsel of The FAMiLY Leader. “As an organization we are committed to the Christian ideals that allowed America to become the greatest nation on Earth. We are 100 percent convinced that Skyler is the candidate in this race who will lead on these fundamental issues.”


Wheeler met with Greg Baker (TFL Executive Director), Danny Carroll (TFL Family Advocate) and Hurley in Des Moines during the legislative session. After subsequent conversations, and receiving a perfect score on The FAMiLY Leader candidate questionnaire, there was an obvious need for The FAMiLY Leader to enthusiastically support Wheeler.


“I admire Skyler’s dedication and drive,” Baker said. “It is a real blessing to have someone his age step up and stand for biblical truth. He has displayed a consistent message, true passion for pro-family issues and incredible depth of knowledge on an array of topics. Former Rep. Dwayne Alons served Sioux County courageously – we know Skyler will do the same for years to come.”


The FAMiLY Leader’s endorsement is another significant source of support for Wheeler. Clarice Alons, Dwayne’s widow, and current Rep. John Kooiker have both endorsed Wheeler. Steve Kelly, chairman of the Dordt College Republicans, and Zara Trigg, a high school student and organizer of Sioux County’s Generation Joshua Club, are both future leaders in the Christian conservative movement and have also endorsed Wheeler.


“Our campaign has worked incredibly hard,” Wheeler said. “But we’ve also stayed true to our principles. Our positions on the issues best reflect Sioux County values and these endorsements only cement that as fact. I’m honored to have the support from so many outstanding, inspiring individuals.”


The FAMiLY Leader’s mission is to “strengthen families, by inspiring Christ-like leadership in the home, the church and the government.” Its goals are to transform the culture, impact elections, influence policy and become a model organization other states can follow. Bob Vander Plaats serves as President and CEO.


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